Caution!Use only the charger supplied with your Yamaha Camera – The mini USB is uniquely wired.Other universal 8 pin Mini USB chargers may damage the camcorder as they will not work properly and should not to be used. Only the Charger supplied with your camcorder allows playback and recording while charging. SEE USB SCREEN 

The power will not turn on

 1. Check battery. Plug in Yamaha Camcorder power cord charger to camera mini USB port and camera red light bar should light up and camera automatically turn on.
 a. If YES - check Battery Icon to see if empty. If so turn off camera and light bar will turn green. This is
charging mode. Allow to fully charge un til green light turns off.
 b. If NO - Change to new battery and repeat.
NOTE! The Motao Battery can be replaced with Canon Battery NB-5L

The USB Connect Screen will not turn off.

 1.When a non compatible mini USB cable is hooked to the camera this screen comes on and no other
features will work. Immediately disconnect and use ONLY Yamaha supplied USB cable for PC transfer or power charging.


 1.Where is the microphone? The microphone is on the camera top corner next to the Power Icon.As per image below.